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Interesting Non-tenders

Non-tender day (‘Tough’ Thursday?) is here, and there were a few interesting players cut loose into the FA pool. . Middle relief appears to be all the rage this off season (see: O’Day, Darren, and Teams, Fawning), and there are … Continue reading

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Interest in Zack Wheeler and Ancient 2b

I have a lot of friends that are Mets fans, and who were obviously thrilled by their (ultimate) performance last year.  Really, what’s not to like about the Mets’ pitching staff?  There are only really two things that baffle me … Continue reading

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MLB Network Calls, 11.18.15

I love MLB Network on Sirius.  Great content which doesn’t dwell on one thing or another for too long – two days recapping the world series, and then on to other topics.  Even with not much going on, they have … Continue reading

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